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Tax evasion is regularly in the news. Sometimes it is about tax evasion and in the past it is about tax optimization. The first is illegal when the second is legal. In both cases, one or more offshore companies are often found.

The creation of an offshore company is legal for most sectors of activity, but what is not always the activities that derive from this offshore company and the failure to comply with certain rules imposed by the country of fiscal residence . Still, when you want to create an offshore company, the first question is often whether it can be done, and if it represents a real interest.

Activities authorized by French law

Activities authorized by French law

Here, we will exclusively focus on French tax residents who want to create an offshore company . Indeed, the rules differ according to the country of tax residence. France authorizes the creation of such a company since it concerns a legal activity that is not in the field of craftsmanship or requiring a national diploma.

However, this does not mean that it is enough to create an offshore company to no longer have to declare taxes in France. In any case, as a natural person residing in France for tax purposes, you are obliged to declare all your income and assets to the French tax authorities, even those from abroad (this is the case in Hong Kong by example). This does not mean that you will necessarily pay French taxes on income from abroad, depending on the agreement signed between France and the country in question.

For a legal person, that is, a company, the rule is different. As a rule, the profits made in Hong Kong are not subject to French taxation . It is therefore not mandatory to declare the structure and its activities to the French tax authorities, unless: the company established abroad is owned at least 10% by tax residents in France and that it benefits from a tax privilege, ie if the tax on profits in the foreign country is less than 50% of its French equivalent.

Anyone can create an offshore company

Anyone can create an offshore company

From the moment your activity is not artisanal or requires a national diploma, you can create an offshore company .

However, if your goal is tax optimization, the offshore company becomes interesting from the moment the turnover of your company located in France is at least 38 120 euros . Indeed, from this threshold, the company must pay a tax of 15% minimum. Similarly, when your company makes profits of at least 50,000 euros, the corporate tax is implemented. It amounts to more than 15% of profits.

By creating an offshore company, you have the opportunity to declare a portion of the revenue and profits in a more tax-efficient destination. Nevertheless, the creation of an offshore company is not free. And you have to take that cost into account. But do not forget that this calculation must be done over the long term and that if your company is doing well , profits should increase in the coming years.


A payday loan – what is it and how to use it? http://www.ucapunosciu.com/a-payday-loan-what-is-it-and-how-to-use-it/ http://www.ucapunosciu.com/a-payday-loan-what-is-it-and-how-to-use-it/#respond Fri, 15 Feb 2019 00:24:03 +0000 http://www.ucapunosciu.com/2019/02/15/a-payday-loan-what-is-it-and-how-to-use-it/ The necessity of satisfying an urgent need, with the lack of enough cash, “makes” people dizzy. After all, we are rarely prepared for unexpected expenses. Especially when they are costs of several thousand zlotys. Therefore, thinking in perspective, give up your account balance and focus on a more convenient solution, which is a payday loan.

kredyt odnawialny grafika 300x233 Payday loan – and everything “from scratch”

A payday loan is one of the services offered by the bank “just like that” just in case. Life brings with it many unexpected situations – from minor and prosaic financial stumbling, to “getting caught up” in a spiral of debt. Read also: How to get out of the debt spiral? Here are 6 secrets!   Therefore, a payday loan is a product available to every holder of a standard savings and settlement account, ie a popular ROR.

Often, we can meet with his other names: credit line or credit in the account , which means the same, and so – additional cash, for which the account owner’s balance is increased.

A good solution in an emergency

How does it work and what is a renewable loan? Well, it is a permanently available credit line that the account owner can use for any purpose. What’s more, additional funds are always at hand and can be assisted if necessary. However, in order for this to happen – the bank submits a prospective credit analysis to the potential borrower. It takes into account the factors that constitute the main source of security. These are:

  • Monthly amount sent to a bank account
  • Conditions for income financing: their amount, quality and frequency

A renewable loan is usually granted for 12 months and is automatically extended until it is terminated!   Interestingly, the entire amount obtained under the loan together with accrued interest on the funds used, “returns” to the bank only after the loan period has expired. By deciding on this type of service – the purpose for which the funds will be used is not important. For example, if your account receives monthly revenue of 3 thousand. PLN, and the payday loan amounts to PLN 6,000 The borrower has at his disposal up to 9,000 zł!

kredyt odnawialny 300x200 Who can apply for a payday loan?

In this case, the terms of granting depend on each of the banks. Nevertheless, there are several key criteria that every potential borrower must meet. A renewable loan can be applied for:

Individual customers who:

  • have Polish citizenship and live in Poland – but also foreigners employed in Poland or receiving a Polish pension, retirement or scholarship,
  • they regularly fund their account with income from pay, pension or disability and have a bank account for at least 3 months,
  • they are distinguished by positive creditworthiness, without a debit balance for 3 months before submitting the application.

Although initially payday loans were dedicated to private customers or joint accounts – over time, more and more banks make available in their offer and this type of lending for companies that:

  • They have temporary financial problems and have to top up the budget with a small sum of the credit line,
  • They must meet the same criteria as natural persons – including having a positive credit rating

How much does a payday loan cost?

You need to know that this type of loan renews every time you pay off your debt. How? When additional funds appear on your account, most banks automatically collect the amount they have drawn – so that the credit limit is made available again. And so all year!

What is the cost of a payday loan? Each bank offers different credit terms, which, firstly, depend on the customer’s creditworthiness and, secondly, the amount for which the credit line is to be activated. However, the loan will definitely be added:

  • Interest – charged only for the period in which the borrower used the money. No additional costs are charged for the possibility of borrowing cash!
  • Commission – for opening a credit line. Sometimes it is collected from the client’s own funds and not within the limit granted. This is the case when the incomes on the account are irregular and significantly different from those specified in the contract, or when the borrower has exceeded the allowed limit.
  • Fees related to the establishment of additional collateral – e.g. bill of exchange

As you can see – a payday loan is in fact a much more cost-effective and cheaper solution, because the next payment of incomes on the account automatically reduces the sum of available credit from which interest is collected.

kredyt odnawialny grafika2 300x201 Example of a credit line

You have 2,500,000 on your bank account PLN free funds and 5,000 PLN of granted payday loan. If you want to make the necessary purchase, you can withdraw 7,500 thousand. PLN – so you use the available credit line. At the moment, the balance is 5,000. zł.

From 5,000 paid PLN, the bank starts charging interest. However, after a few days, the account received a remuneration of PLN 3 thousand. zł. And from this amount, the lender begins to charge interest.

In summary, each subsequent payment to the account definitely reduces the cost of maintaining the loan. Ba – if the credit line is not used – the bank will not take a zloty for it.

A payday loan is not a debit!

Most people, a payday loan is wrongly associated with debit. There are, however, two different financial products. Their main difference is formalities. In order to benefit from a payday loan, you must first apply and sign a contract with the bank. In the case of debit, such activities are not needed. Another disagreement is also the amount of credited support. In a renewable loan, it ranges from PLN 500 to even PLN 150,000. zł. However, in the debit, these sums are definitely lower. It is worth remembering that, just like every loan and at a payday loan, the banking institutions examine the creditworthiness rating and the amount and regularity of monthly payments to a bank account.

An alternative to credit card and cash loans!

Lending needs and expectations with the help of this option is actually a flexible form of financing. Because even a single “jump under the dash” does not oblige you to apply for an additional loan or credit. What else belongs to the advantages of a payday loan?

  • The Bank only charges interest for the amount of credit used ,
  • A customer using a credit line may withdraw funds from an ATM directly from a personal account , order transactions and non-cash transfers,
  • The funds from the credit line can be used for any purpose, without any restrictions on the part of the bank
  • No need to repay the debt in installments – each additional cash effect on the account reduces the total amount of money borrowed kredyt odnawialny grafika3 300x169
  • A good way to gather financial reserves – you can always get them when you need them

Of course, every benefit should be used within reason. After all, it’s very easy to lose yourself in finances and stop distinguishing between your own assets and money borrowed from the bank. A reasonable disposal of savings is always included! Therefore, it is worth treating a payday loan as a “security cushion” – in the event of unexpected expenses and look carefully at the offer that suits individual needs and expectations.

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The Advantages of an Offshore Company! Credit Loan http://www.ucapunosciu.com/the-advantages-of-an-offshore-company-credit-loan/ Sat, 02 Feb 2019 10:29:23 +0000 http://www.ucapunosciu.com/the-advantages-of-an-offshore-company-credit-loan/

The advantages of an offshore company!

The advantages of an offshore company!


An offshore company , in other words “offshore” bring its exceptional fruits for its leader. This thanks to the conditions that this concept is based on. We are talking about the economic policy of the country hosting this activity and its industrial conditions to mitigate this area. These two stipulations are indeed the fact that the creation of a business is something that is not random. It must be calculated all the facets that can bring more benefit. Making a gain three times bigger than the charge is a real challenge especially by opting for relocation. Because all parties come out win / win in the maneuver. I will bring more explanation down but by the way, I will first describe what is an outsourced company. All the info here !

What is an offshore company?

What is an offshore company?

This is an establishment of firms or small and medium enterprises abroad. That said, delocalised actions on the other side of the world. This action consists of setting aside the location of the production in relation to the place of consumption. A fact that will generate the importation of branded products or just a service that can optimize sales abroad. So, it can not necessarily be a confection article seizable. An outsourced company will be able to offer the hyper-indebted service in the business world .

In fact, there is as much branch and pole that managers exploit in this concept. You do not even imagine the magnitude of this design. All I can say is that it will take this method because Western countries lack active subjects (the population is aging and few people want to work in the handling). The absence of plots of land in which the place of consumption is located is another factor related to this policy .

Basically, the causes of this situation are all the more inevitable.

What are the advantages ?

What are the advantages ?

Several are the profits made by an industry establishment and / or a company in an external location. In particular the cost of production which is decreasing, the expenses of the creation which are minimized, the reduction of the taxes relating to the monthly gain, the reduction or the nullity of the various taxes. See in this link the types of outsourcing that match your needs.

Enterprise Creation Group

First, let’s talk about the benefits of the recipe. Indeed , monetary value plays a big role in this technique. You just have to build big firms in places where the economy is left to be desired. Especially in a developed country whose daily income per household is 2 euros per day, no more.

What is good is that the more the currency of the place is down and better the currencies inherent in the origin of the owners of the plant play in his own favor. Among other things, a manager who sells his finished products in the eurozone will make more money. That said the cost of labor is only 1 to 2% of the selling price .

What is also beneficial with this way of doing things is that people who live in a developed country do not want to work as a worker anymore. Instead, they prefer to withdraw unemployment benefits instead of venturing into this field . As is the case in France.

As a result, it will be better to import the workplace in a place where employment is a real shortfall.

Infrastructure construction costs are lower because the land is not as expensive as it appears to be because of the rise in the value of the currency. It is the same for the wages of the owners of the work. Factories are more, almost built with local materials so it should not complain. In contrast, the amount spent would be high. Creation Entreprise sector

As regards taxes, these are not necessarily excessive because the company itself is not governed by the law on industrialization in the place. It’s just a service in exchange for another. In other words, the factory provides work and offers wages according to the professional categorization of the place . For customs clearance, it is nothing compared to the cost price.

At the level of taxes on salary income as well as social security, it is almost the employee in person who pays them. The company’s share is only 1% of the salary. In fact, everything will be deductible depending on what the employee earns in a month.

To avoid difficulties in the liquidation of real estate before the departure of the owner, he often proceeds to lease lease for one year renewable. This opportunity can be grasped when it is a company located at the other end of the bank.

All in all, this relocation action is very advantageous if we do not take into account the crises that may occur in the country hosting the activity. That said, if the country encounters a political destabilization, foreigners who do business will be required to leave!

Consumer loan rises sharply in 2016 http://www.ucapunosciu.com/consumer-loan-rises-sharply-in-2016/ http://www.ucapunosciu.com/consumer-loan-rises-sharply-in-2016/#respond Thu, 31 Jan 2019 12:48:06 +0000 http://www.ucapunosciu.com/2019/01/31/consumer-loan-rises-sharply-in-2016/

While only € 2.8 billion of consumer loan was provided in 2015, this was in 2016 with an increase of over 21% more than € 3.4 billion. Consumers increasingly transfer their revolving loan to a personal loan. The outstanding balance also increased by 3% in 2016. The members of the Association of Finance Companies in the Netherlands announced this.

Consumers opt for security of fixed interest

With a personal loan , consumers have the certainty of a fixed interest rate and term. These two factors are flexible in the case of a continuous loan and can change over time. In 2016, for the first time more than half of the consumer loan granted was concluded in the form of a personal loan.

Not only the personal loans have increased, but there is also an increasing interest in car financing and Private Lease . This shows a growth of 14%.

Connect your ongoing loan via Bank

Do you currently have a revolving loan and do you also want the certainty of a fixed interest rate and term? Bank can help you with this. We look at the possibilities for you and if the continuous loan can be transferred, we will arrange it for you. We are ready for you not only for revolving loan, but also for reducing interest rates or shortening the term on personal loans.

Your financial assistant loan and loan

We also monitor your loan or loan. And if you can save, we will arrange it for you. Register at Consumind.nl. Pleasantly arranged.

Revolving loan

If you expect to need extra money for an extended period of time, you can opt to take out a revolving loan. For example, to pay for your child’s study. What a revolving loan is, what its specifics are and the advantages and disadvantages we have selected for you.

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Fast Loan! http://www.ucapunosciu.com/fast-loan/ http://www.ucapunosciu.com/fast-loan/#respond Sat, 29 Dec 2018 13:28:54 +0000 http://www.ucapunosciu.com/2018/12/29/fast-loan/ {

Wondering when you will need a cash loan before payout ? Especially when you have only a few days left to pay, but the remaining money is not enough for your household. A quick loan before paying will also come in handy if something unexpected happened to you. For example, you need to repair a washing machine, pay school fees to children, or need money for medication. Everyone can get into a difficult financial situation. We understand and offer our help.


Prague Loan



If you find yourself in such a situation, do not hesitate to apply for a quick loan from our company. Short-term quick cash loan before paying off your worries. In addition, we offer the option to extend the loan by up to one month.

Handling a loan is very easy. Send a loan application online, stating the amount and the number of months you want to borrow. To get an easy loan without a registry and without charge, you need to fill in a contact form with all the details. Then we will contact you from our call center. Our operator will assist you in completing the application and arranging an appointment. Then all you have to do is come to our Prague office and get your money.

  • You get a quick loan
  • Cash within 20 minutes of signing a branch contract
  • We will be happy to send you money to your account
  • We don’t mind you already in the debtors registry
  • We offer fair conditions, a transparent and understandable contract
  • we are a reputable company operating on the Czech market for more than 10 years


You can have a cash loan within 20 minutes at our Prague office. If you can’t come, we’ll handle everything online and by phone. We will send you the contract directly to your home and get your money to your account

We will be happy to lend you even though you are in the debtors register. In the case of our cash loan of up to 100,000 we do not require any collateral.

You set the repayment period yourself. Usually it takes 12 to 18 months, but you can also choose a repayment period of up to 24 months.

Feel free to use our quick loan. You get money easily, at fair conditions and very quickly.





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